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About my music, and if you want to use it. (IMPORTANT NOTICE)

2008-03-01 15:03:09 by Arcova

The reason why there are initials in the titles of my songs is because those are the initials of the Album Name. ET stands for Eternal Tales. I'll make sure to say so in furute song descriptions, also.

If you want to use my music, you may do so. My music myspace for further downloads and info is My artist name is Latchkey, though on New Grounds it is Arcova. If you are making a Flash animation for New Grounds or other on site (on NG only) work, then you may give credit to Arcova, or post a link to the myspace. If you are making a flash animation or other work to use off site (other sites than New Grounds), then please post my artist name, Latchkey, and a link to the myspace. I ASK THAT YOU PLEASE GIVE ME A LINK TO YOUR WORK, AS I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ME TO USE A SONG. I make music for all to enjoy and share, not for the money.

Thank you.


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2008-03-01 15:50:47

Why would we pay you? We can use it if it's in the audio portal no matter what.

Arcova responds:

I said you don't have to pay me at all.


2008-03-01 21:32:33

I know, I'm saying if you told us to pay you, we didn't have to.